Sound Systems

At Wizzard, we’ve used various systems over the years, eventually arriving at what we believe to be the best setup available for audio precision. We have both a large format line array from McCauley and a smaller, self-powered system from RCF.

For those who still prefer a conventional trap box, we have a sizable inventory of EAW KF series. Our subs are from EAW and our own propriety design – featuring the latest woofer technology with 60mm mechanical XMAX. We have both conventional wedges of 15″ and 12″ up to 24 mixes and a sizable inventory of IEM’S.

  • All amplifiers are Crown I class
  • Lake processing
  • Consoles from Midas, Digidesign and Soundcraft
  • Time proven industry-standard practices
  • All input connections have transformers to isolate any potential noise
  • All-new wireless packages from Shure

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